Arguing with your lame friends? Read the Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a pdf of the rules I can download and print?

There sure is, get all 3 rules sets in one easy to print PDF here.


These have been superseeded by the latest ruleset above, but are available for your reference.

Quick Play

A fast paced social activity great for pregames, parties, and bars.

Dirty Play

A great change of pace, allows you to get more creative and competitive.

Quick Play - Original Rule Set

Learn the basics of party play in less than a minute in the following video (additional rule details below).

Separate out the deck into two piles, one will be a dark category pile, the other will be a white letter pile. Places these two piles on the table next to each other face down (the Quick And Dirty logos should be facing up).

How to Play

  1. Flip a dark category card and read it aloud to the group, then immediately flip a white letter card over.
  2. The first person to yell out an answer that fits the category and starts with that letter is the winner. Answers can be a single word or a short phrase, but must start with the letter shown on the card.
  3. The first person to yell an acceptable answer is the round winner. The round winner takes the dark category card and holds it to keep track of score. The white card can be moved to the side in a discard pile, or you may leave it and simply flip the next lettter card on top of it.
  4. Flip then next dark category card to start the new round, read aloud, and then flip the next white card. Repeat until all dark category cards have been won.  When you run out of white letter cards, simply shuffle and restack the previously played letter cards and continue playing.
  5. Once all dark category cards have been won the game has ended. Each player should now count how many cards he or she has in their hand. Whoever has the most dark category cards is the winner.

Anyone can flip the cards over for each round, and everyone is playing every round. There is no judge in fast play. Rather it is up to you to own and defend your answers to the group. If there is a dispute, argue for your side, and if you’re still unable to resolve it, put the answer to a group vote with a simple yes/no vote. A correct answer must get the support of at least half the group.

Fast play is easy to get started, making it great for parties and bars. Players can join and leave whenever they want, and you can play for as long or as short as you want. Stop playing at any point and count how many dark category cards each person has to declare the winner. The real goal of fast play is to have fun and laughs with your friends, unleashing funny, obscure and offensive answers as you’re forced to think quick!

Common Questions

What happens if I get stuck on a category and letter and can't think of an answer?
If after a brief period of trying, say 15 seconds, no one in the group is able to think of an acceptable answer, flip a new white letter card over. Whoever is first with an acceptable answer using the new letter is the round winner and takes the dark category card.

What happens when I run out of white letter cards?
Gather the already played white letter cards up, give them a brief shuffle, and reset the white letter deck face down next to the remaining category cards and keep playing. The game isn't over until all the dark category cards are won.

How do you determine what is an acceptable answer?
That's up to the group to decide, and part of the fun is arguing why your answer should be correct! If after some brief debate there is still disagreement, a simple vote yes/no vote should be put to the group. An acceptable answer should have the support of at least half the group.

Does it have to be only one word? What about names?
You have a lot of flexibility on how you answer, so long as the first word out of your mouth starts with the required letter. You can answer a single word, or a short phrase where the first word in the phrase starts with the required letter. Here are some examples:

"Bad Place to Chant USA" starting with the letter "R"


  • "Russia" - They probably wouldn't take kindly to a patriotic American chant in public
  • "Running around in Mexico" - Yelling USA pride in Mexico might not go over well. Mexico doesn't start with R but its ok to use in a phrase that starts with R
  • "Really loud at a funeral" - Funeral doesn't start with R, but using it in a phrase makes it ok

Not Acceptable

  • "Mexico" - Does not start with required letter R
  • "Race" - A sporting event or race is probably a good time to chant it
  • "Radish" - Not a place, just a random word that starts with R
  • "River" - May be acceptable depending on the group, but a river is just a generic place, it's not a particularly bad place to chant "USA"

Remember, the group is the ultimate judge on what is and isn't an acceptable answer. You can play it however you like, these examples are just suggestions to get you started.

Can I use the same answer again in a different category?
That depends how good you are! New players may find it easier if they are allowed to repeat answers, so there's no explicit rule against it. Typically though we recommend implementing a rule that you can't reuse the same answer again for the rest of the game. Experienced players who play multiple games in a night may even put in a rule that you can only say new answers for the entire night in order to keep it fresh.

What happens if two or more players say the same answer at the same time?
Overtime! Only the players that answered at the same time go into a sudden death overtime for the round. The first player to give another acceptable answer wins the round. If the players become stuck, flip a new letter. Overtime continues until one player has a clear victory. All other players sit out until the tied players resolve the overtime.

What happens if two or more players say different answers at the same time?
Was one answer clearly better than the others? Better is subjective, but an answer which is funnier or makes multiple use of the letter card is considered stronger. If both answers are of a similar strength, go to overtime between only those players who answered at the same time.

It gets loud and chaotic in a large group, is there a better way to play?
In large groups beyond 8 or more players, you may want to separate players into teams to stop the gameplay becoming too loud and chaotic. In team games, one player on each team is designated as the only person that can shout an answer to that round. Teams may have uneven amounts of players, but must rotate through the single player designated eligible to answer each round. The designated answerer for each round should indicate they are the eligible to answer by placing their hand on the table near the pile prior to the start of the round. Teams pool the colored cards they win in the round, whichever team has the most at the end is the winner.

Dirty Play - Alternate Rule Set

One player serves as the judge for the round.

  1. Judge flips a dark category card and reads it allowed
  2. Every player except the judge now draws a white letter card and places it in front of themself on the table.
  3. The player to the left of the judge goes first and has 10 seconds to give an answer to the category starting with the letter card he/she drew.
  4. Once the player has given an answer, the next player to the left now has ten seconds to give an answer with the letter he/she drew.
  5. Continue around the circle until all players have answered (the judge may yell "next" if a player is taking too long to answer).
  6. The judge now decides which answer he/she likes most, and awards the dark category card to the round winner to keep score. The judge's decision is final.
  7. The player to the left of the judge now becomes the judge for the next round.
  8. Play through until all category cards are won or you decide to stop, whoever had the most category cards is the winner!


Drinking Rules - Add to either game play style to make it a drinking game!

Note: Drinking rules are entirely optional and not a required part of the game. Players may add them voluntarily with a liquid of their choice and may stop anytime. Do not drink to excess or force other players to drink.

Pick one of the three different paces for drinking rules:
Mild Pace -  Round winner allocates a drink
Moderate Pace -  All round losers drink
High Pace - Players drink while they think (after the cards are flipped each round, waterfall until an acceptable answer is given).

Additionally, the following rules apply to all drinking paces:
Crappy Answer - If a player gives an answer that's rejected by the group, they take a drink.
Repeat Answer - If a player repeats an answer that has already been given in a prior round, the player should finish their drink.